Into the Light CD
Cuts from the Album
Written by Peter Cor

Droid a Nova
Saturn Rising
Ravin' Mad
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Into The Light CD - $12.95

Y2K7 Loopfest Performance Y2K8 Loopfest Performance

      Embarking on a bold new musical adventure, Peter Cor's new CD "INTO THE LIGHT" combines improvisation and looping to create a colorful sonic blend of ambience and beats. The musical colors flow from 'otherworldly" ethereal pieces, to space age funky grooves and world music influences. The cover art was created by world renowned painter Tom Marlatt and is a perfect visual compliment to the music. Peter Cor had performed some of these pieces at the recent Y2K7 Loopfest held in Santa Cruz Ca in October 2007. This was the impetus for him to continue his tonal explorations and resulted in the completion of the CD "INTO THE LIGHT".

Contact: Peter Cor
Tel/Fax: (831) 477-9008

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